I want the Impossible, too!

Have you ever had a random conversation that becomes a monumental moment in your life? Like one of those awakening moments where you think, “yea,I want that too!” I had one of those a couple of months ago and these thoughts have been brewing ever since.

It was just a normal day in the life of Katie and I found myself having a conversation with someone who had some pretty significant struggles going on mentally. The conversation seemed to be going nowhere and I finally just said “Is there something I can do to help you right now or make things easier for you?” Their reply was this, “You know what I want, Katie? Your name is Katie, right? I want to see the impossible become possible. That’s what I want.”

Tears instantly stung my eyes and I immediately thought to myself, “Oh man. That’s what I want too.”  That thought has been brewing in my mind for weeks now. I want that so badly.

The last 9 and a half months since leaving Haiti and moving to America has been a roller coaster ride. It has seriously been insane and I’ve felt every emotion in the book! There are so many moments where the dreams that God has laid on my heart have felt impossible and simply out of reach.  And then moments where I feel so alive and full of hope that I literally just shout out or jump for joy because of the joy and hope that I have. That’s where I want to be. I want to live in that state of expecting the impossible.  Because, well, because God.

One of the many beautiful gifts God has given me since returning to America is my church. I love it there and I don’t even know too many people yet…but you know why I love it?! I immediately felt like I belonged there. It’s my new home and I’m so excited to call it  that.  God is using that anointed place and those anointed people in incredible ways in my life and it’s reignited what I didn’t even realize had fallen asleep a long time ago. It’s reignited that desire to live in a constant state of expecting the impossible. When I was at church last Wednesday night there was a guest speaker and one of the many things he shared that hit me was this–

“Limitations are N O T part of the life of a Christian”

Whoaaaaa! How often do I put limitations on myself? On the people around me? On God? I said “bye-bye” to limitations that night and a big ‘ol “HELLO” to the impossible. God has shown me over and over again in my life that He is capable of far greater things than I can even fathom and He wants me to be part of those things. So today I choose the impossible, whatever that might be. I choose to continue to wait for God to open the next doors in this season of transition. I choose to wait with anticipation and expectancy and to remain present in the waiting. It’s in the waiting that I find Him. It’s in the waiting that I grow. It’s in the waiting that I’m reminded that God is working on something NOW for the future.

Do you need to experience the impossible?! Ask God for just that and be ready for it when it comes because it will come!


One thought on “I want the Impossible, too!

  1. Katie,

    I love your heart! Our God is a God of the impossible, so walking hand in hand with Him permits us, His children, to be totally able to do the impossible. I find it easy to back off and rely on “me” instead of Him, so am just cautioning you to keep snuggling up closer to the One who loves you more than you will ever understand. Sure would love to see you to chat eyeball to eyeball. Any chance of you coming west in the next few months? Psalm 37:4,5

    Love you bunches, Marian

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