My little Prayer Warrior

You might remember me sharing about sweet Jeremiah. He asked Jesus into his life 2 weeks ago today, actually. Yesterday his twin sister Hannah wasn’t feeling well. She was burning up with a fever and had what sounded like croup. She’s a wild child and not one to sit still, so I knew she wasn’t […]

Sweet Jeremiah

A week ago from right now I was ready to be home for the night. I wanted to curl up on my couch with a cup of tea, read a book and be done my day. It wasn’t a bad day or anything, I was just tired and ready for the day to be over. […]

An Incorruptible Love

The last few weeks I have felt like I’ve been on the front lines of spiritual battle, I mean I guess we’re all there, right? It’s just been intense. It makes perfect sense though. I”m seeing miracle after miracle in the lives of our kids. I’m spending time with kids daily and get opportunities to […]