4 years ago I had only ever heard of Haiti. My parents met in Haiti back in the day, and so I always grew up hearing stories! I can remember my parents speaking creole when they didn’t want my brother and I to know what they were saying! I LOVED looking at their photo albums. And if it wasn’t for Haiti my parents never even would have met…and I wouldn’t even be here today!

Over the years, a dear family friend of ours got connected with Mission of Hope. I started to hear more and more….but really had no interest in missions during that time of my life. 

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the massive earthquake in Haiti. That’s when I was first introduced to Rachel Bernard….not face to face…but I followed along on her facebook to keep updated on the status of everything happening post earthquake in Haiti. We had a mutual friend and I became that facebook stalker. I remember sitting in tears as I read her accounts of what had happened. I remember watching the news and feeling like my heart was literally breaking as I watched the reports and saw pictures of all of the devastation on the news. 

It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago, God truly started to break my heart for a nation I really didn’t know much about.  As I sat there watching the news and reading facebook, in tears, I never would have imagined that I would be calling this place home! It was just a sad story to me back then. 

Today, it’s real life. People are still so broken and are hurting so deeply from the loss that they experienced that day. That pain is still very present. I sat there sunday morning during worship, holding one of our sleeping babies, tears streaming down my face. I looked around at all of our kids. All of them, minus a few babies that hadn’t been born yet, are survivors. God’s hand of protection was on them 4 years ago and it still is today. God’s hand of protection was on the men and women who worshiped through their remembering tears Sunday morning. 

Something started stirring within me though, this past Sunday. As the music stopped, and it was just our voices belting out in beautiful harmonies “I love you, Lord”, I could feel it rising within me. It’s Hope. 

Despite the brokenness and the unforgettable memories that so many have from that day, there is Hope rising in this nation. God is doing a mighty work here. Lives are being TRANSFORMED! Children are being educated, the sick are being healed, the lost are finding their way to the Lord. I’m so unbelievably honored to be part of Mission of Hope, but it’s so beyond us and our organization. GOD is doing a mighty work in this nation, and we, along with so many others, are dedicating ourselves to spread the Hope that we have found in Christ. 

I’m literally seeing a nation being transformed right before my eyes!  It gives me hope. Not just hope for Haiti, but hope for the world we live in! There really are people out there who are filled with hope and live to share that!  Don’t be selfish. Don’t keep the Hope that you have found in Christ to yourself! Get out there and share it! Give someone else hope…It might just change their life!


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