Prepare Ye the Way

As I sat in church this past Sunday, holding sweet little Hannah while she slept, I couldn’t help but reflect. I held this sweet girl in my arms and just looked at her…she’s beautiful. What’s she going to be some day?! A teacher? A doctor? A missionary? Whatever it is, I know that God has […]


The last few weeks I’ve been finding myself using this word a lot…you know…in like a “are you kidding me right now!?” kind of way! It’s those moments where you think you’ve heard it all and then a twist is added to the plot and you blurt out “SERIOUSLY?!” Yea. That’s been me the last […]

Be Still

I have been, and probably always will be, a fixer. I absolutely HATE seeing people hurting…especially people that I hold dear to my heart. It sucks. It just flat out sucks. It especially sucks when there’s really not too much you can do to help. I have multiple people in my life who are hurting […]