A New Day

Yesterday was just a weird/hard/overwhelming/scary day all around. Let me rewind. Monday morning started off great yesterday. I woke up at my usual 4:00 am and had a really great time with The Lord. At 6, I did the Insanity fit test and then went for a run. I felt like I was off to […]

Precious in His Sight

I’ve been wanting to sit down to write this blog for a few days now, but this is one of the first chances I’ve had to write. For most people, Saturday is a free day. It’s a day to relax, do fun things you can’t do during the work week, etc. Not for me….it’s still […]

Eat My Dust.

The last couple of months have been an incredible journey.  God has been stretching me, growing me, and teaching me a lot about Him and a lot about me.  With His help and I’m learning more and more about Him and His love for me.  A few weeks ago, I started meeting on skype with […]