Arms Open Wide

One year ago, I was just beginning to feel a stirring in my heart about coming to Haiti. I mean, totally beginning stages of “stirring”. So much so that I didn’t think it would actually happen!  I just kept saying “I’ll keep going through the open doors until God closes one”…fully expecting Him to close […]

Short and Sweet

Well, since I have strep throat and haven’t been feeling well for about a week now, I’ve been forced to take some time to rest. For those of you who know me, you know I’m not one to sit still for very long. I love to be around people and there’s always things that need […]


This was a hard week. I woke up feeling sick on Tuesday. Found out some sad news from home early Wednesday morning, and even more hard news Wednesday night! My grandpa out in Indiana is fighting an uphill battle against cancer right now and it’s so hard for me to be so far away! I’ve […]


I didn’t even realize today was September 11th until I got on facebook this morning and saw all of the “I’ll always remember”, or “forever in our hearts”, or whatever else people’s status’ have today. I suddenly thought back to what I was doing that tragic day. I remember like it was yesterday. Sitting in […]

Goodbyes STINK!!!

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “parting is such sweet sorrow”.  Well, I don’t think there’s anything sweet about it. I think it stinks! Two weeks ago I was blessed to have family and friends here and then had to say goodbye. This morning I had to say goodbye to my best friend after […]